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Rapid development of SB Type-C terminal products

2020-1-2 18:53:05

Although there are many options for USB interfaces, USB-C products are becoming more and more popular. As a Chinese manufacturer of USB Data cable, Sinodec Industrial Co., Ltd. meets the needs of customers for various USB data cables.

Since USB Type-C supports the unification of PD fast charge and audio and video synchronization, many chip manufacturers including Cypress, TI, NXP, Hymetek, and Lattice Semiconductor have been busy launching various application chips of USB Type-C. With the market  The launch of supporting terminal products is accelerated, and the era of scarcity of USB Type-C chips is about to pass. Type-C chip solution providers are also entering the era of competition. The CES exhibition in 2020 is about to begin. Many suppliers in our circle are preparing the latest samples.  , Choose to release their products at the CES spring exhibition, it is clear that for data cable manufacturers, many new types of USB Type-C gameplay and functions will bring a lot of bright spots, and will bring new cable business opportunities  It is self-evident that we have a good relationship with chip manufacturers and can meet the needs of end customers as soon as possible.

Currently in terminal applications, notebook computers TYPE C and Thunderbolt are already mainstream application interfaces. The standard is a USB3.1 standard GEN2 data cable. Although the two products with the best USB Type-C are still Apple  The 12-inch MacBook and Google ’s Chrome Pixel notebook "but the new interfaces of other laptops are already full-featured TYPE C interfaces, such as Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, etc., which occupy half of the notebook market.

Although smartphones and laptops occupy half of the country, in the future, with the closer integration of the automotive industry with mobile consumer electronics, Type-C can "bring a more comfortable solution to automotive applications. HDMI TYPE E in automotive applications  The interface will be abandoned. As firmware updates and large media files become more common in in-vehicle infotainment systems, consumers need faster data transfer rates to reduce upload and download times. Automakers are constantly adding more  Versatile and integrated with mobile phone applications. In order to achieve reliable data transfer, USB needs powerful features and faster transfer speeds. Although from map data transfer to music playback to user interface interaction, vehicles will handle multiple  Features, but consumers still want the infotainment system to respond instantly. USB 3.1 ’s 5 Gb SuperSpeed data transfer rate ensures higher bandwidth and optimal performance to meet Gigabit transmissions.  Speed application requirements for faster data flow, data downloads and in-vehicle communication.

In terminal device applications, the docking station is a strange existence, but the docking staTIon is indeed very important for the UBS Type-C market. It allows consumers to "simplely connect the line to the dock, and  It ’s not a lot of cables. "With Type-C, there is no need to plug a cable into the wall, and at the same time use a USB cable, plus another cable for video output, but it is not separate  Product terminal, so the rapid development of the early docking station did not cause much market attention.

Why terminal applications like to use TYPE C, mainly because USB Type-C has too many benefits. USB 3.1 not only transmits data, but the maximum USB charging power can reach 100 watts, which can meet the electrical requirements of most consumer devices.  Type-C cables and connectors provide DisplayPort and / or SuperMHL functions through USB Alternate mode, so more chip vendors can target different applications and functions and develop a series of USB Type-C products, "  In the long run, current PCs, tablets, and Docks have many connectors. In the future, with Type-C, the data of these connectors will become less and less. "Charging is king. PD fast charging will  In 2020, a period of greater development opportunities is ushered in. You can pay attention to Shenzhen Huinengtai's product application on the PD solution. Its mainstream PD solution occupies about 70% of the inland market. It should not be underestimated. TYPE C's product plug applications are everyone  You can pay attention to Dongguan Marubeni, whose main high-end TYPE C charging connector is currently widely used in high-end application markets.

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