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​TWS headset shipments surge 91% in 2020

2020-1-2 18:57:53

According to market research agency Counterpoint Research, global shipments of TWS (True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo) headsets will reach 230 million pairs in 2020, a 91.6% increase from 2019. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2022 will be 80%.  Reappearing the explosive growth of smart phones from 2009 to 2012, Apple's market share in 2020 is expected to maintain more than 50%, but the rise of many Chinese brands can not be ignored.

TWS earphones are getting hotter and hotter, Apple AirPods are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and the battery life is not bad. After the rise of sales, Samsung is closely following, and Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are racing to invest since the second half of 2019. Chinese brands such as  Xiaomi, Huawei, Wanmo, OPPO, etc. were launched in large numbers after the general-purpose chip matured. Active noise reduction, waterproof, voice control, heartbeat detection, etc. have been integrated into TWS headsets one after another this year. In addition, although generally believed that  The sound quality of TWS headphones is still slightly inferior to that of wired headphones, but even professional earphone brands Jabra, Audio-Technica, Bose, etc., which have the main sound quality, have already seized business opportunities in the TWS headphones market.

With the constant volume and increased functions of TWS headsets, and competition from many brands, the market research agency Counterpoint Research said that global TWS headset shipments this year were 120 million, and 42.5 million can be sold in the fourth quarter of Christmas season alone.  Vice, almost catching up with last year's full year shipments. In addition, after 2 or 3 years of early use of AirPods, AirPods has now faced a significant decline in battery life and new incentives. It is expected to set off a wave of changeovers.  Under the dual pull of the new machine and the newly purchased machine, it is estimated that TWS headset shipments will jump to 230 million pairs in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 91.6%.

More and more brands are investing in TWS headsets, and the TWS headset market rankings will fluctuate more and more. However, Counterpoint still expects that, driven by AirPods Pro, Apple will not only reach 50% of the market share in 2019, it is absolute  Leader, with the support of AirPods and AirPods Pro's vast user base and user loyalty, Apple will steadily rank first in the global TWS headset market share in 2020.

Chinese brands have a larger domestic demand market and higher growth than the global market for Chinese TWS headsets, and the wide price bands of Chinese brands have helped to gain ground in overseas markets. Global market share is expected to rise significantly in 2020.

Under the rapid expansion of market demand, Counterpoint is optimistic about the growth of TWS headset shipments in the three years from 2019 to 2022, and will replicate the explosive growth of smart phones between 2009 and 2012, which means that the annual compound growth rate is 80%.  Above, the brand is in full bloom.

Chip supplier

TWS technically means that the mobile phone is connected to the master headset, and then the master headset is connected to the slave headset via Bluetooth wirelessly, so that the real wireless separation of left and right channels of Bluetooth has put a lot of demands on Bluetooth chip suppliers.  .  But from the perspective of chip suppliers, it is also full of flowers, and there are different players in the high and low end.

In addition to Apple itself, the third party and the most mature technology is the Bluetooth audio market giant CSR (acquired by Qualcomm in August 2015), which is also one of the most mainstream TWS solutions in the market.  Large, more acceptable to the public in terms of cost and technology is Rota Airoiha (which belongs to MediaTek and was acquired by MTK in February 2017); Hengxuan BES and Realtek are now following.  Use the BES23 series for development, including the second generation of Huawei; several other companies include: Anyka Guangzhou, Zhuhai Juli, Shanghai BK, Zhuhai Jerry, RDA, Zhongke Lanxun, etc., but can also share a bit of the TWS audio market  A small piece of cake; even Ziguang Zhanrui is storming the TWS headset Bluetooth chip.  .

According to the latest report from Asian foreign investment, the hot wireless Bluetooth headset (TWS) in the past two years is facing fierce market competition and will move towards the Red Sea in a short period of time.  They pointed out in the report that the chip (SOC) of the wireless Bluetooth headset (TWS) is currently facing price erosion and market competition, and the risk continues to expand to the point that it cannot be ignored.  In their view, the continued entry of mainland Chinese manufacturers is the key factor, and the shipments are amazing, but there has been a shortage of Bluetooth master control in China.

But looking at Taiwan, China, for Realtek, the monthly shipment in the second quarter is about 8-10 million units, and the single-month shipment in the third quarter is estimated at 5-7 million units, with an average selling price of 1.3 ~ 1.4.  US dollars.  Furthermore, the second-generation chips of MediaTek's Airoha have also begun to ship, which will stir the entire tws chip market.  Sub-foreign foreign investment was also pointed out. Qualcomm reduced the price of TWS SOC to 1.4 to 1.5 US dollars, and it quickly pushed the TWS market to the Red Sea market.

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