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How to choose a USB PD fast charging cable?

2020-1-7 16:07:29

With the widespread application of smart phones, people have higher and higher requirements for mobile phone charging. As one of the most important accessories for mobile phones, how should we choose? What is a good USB charger cable?  Choose a high-quality USB PD fast charge cable?  Today, China's USB data cable manufacturer, Sinodec Industrial Co., ltd. Teaches you how to choose a high-quality and cost-effective data cable.

In simple terms, the USB PD charger cable refers to what we call the "Apple fast charge cable."  At present, the main components of the PD line on the market are: MFI (Apple Authorized) certification and cracked version.  The cracked version is divided into digital protocol cracking and analog protocol cracking, as well as fake PD lines posing as 12V-1.5A charging.

Cracked version: 1. Digital protocol cracking captures charging data based on the original protocol to achieve true fast charging, and also has over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection functions.  2. Analog protocol cracking and fake PD lines are manufacturers' simulated PD charging data to deceive consumers at a low price. Not only is there no overcurrent protection, continuous high current will damage battery life, catch fire or burn down, and slow down the charging speed.

Original MFI-certified PD cables: All are five-core cables, which contain aluminum foil and braided nets, which can shield interference and reduce internal resistance to achieve true PD cables.  Sinodec Industrial Co., ltd. Series of PD fast charge lines are produced by digitally cracked chips and original wire gauges and processes, safe and reliable, true PD fast charge, faster charging than ordinary 5V-1A, and the price is more than original line and MFI certification  The line has advantages.

We also provide custom USB cable, which can provide Nylon braided USB data cable, TPE, TPU, PVC, UL, CE and Rohs and other USB charger cable.

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