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TWS Bluetooth Earphone market share

2020-2-13 19:17:14

TWS Headset Market Data: Apple Takes 71% of the Industry's Revenue

A recent research report from market research organization Strategy Analytics shows that in the true wireless headset market, various manufacturers are starting a new round of killing. Apple is currently the leader among them. In 2019, Apple ’s wireless headset product AirPods is out  The volume of nearly 60 million units accounted for 71% of the revenue of the true wireless headset market. Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung followed closely behind, accounting for about 10-15%. Apple's iPhone product revenue in fiscal 2019 was $ 142.4 billion.  , The proportion fell from 66.3% in FY2015 to 54.7% in FY2019; wearable home accessories revenue was 24.5 billion US dollars, a growth rate of 40.9%, and the proportion rose to 9.4% in FY2019.  Exceeding iPad product revenue but slightly lower than the current third largest business Mac product revenue of 25.7 billion US dollars, wearable home accessories become the company's fastest growing segment, will become the company's second largest hardware product category, AirPods series products are the main growth force  First, its importance and contribution to Apple's revenue will continue to increase in the future. The new AirPods Pro market has received good feedback and the Apple smart wearable device market will further expand. US stock analysts have said that in 2020,  AirPods will continue to drive Apple's stock price increase. According to market research and research firm Counterpoint, global shipments of true wireless Bluetooth headsets will increase from 48 million in 2018 to 129 million in 2020. In the face of growing demand,  From Huaqiangbei to major brand manufacturers, they have expanded their product categories and capacity.

True wireless headset refers to the headset itself and the mobile phone are connected via Bluetooth and other wireless methods. True wireless stereo, English called True Wireless Stereo, English abbreviation TWS, is the latest innovation of Bluetooth headset technology, which can realize the wireless separation of left and right channels of Bluetooth, TWS technology  The core principle is to divide the speaker into a master speaker (TWS Master) and a slave speaker (TWS Slave). The master speaker is capable of receiving A2DP protocol audio transmitted by smart phones, laptops and other devices (sound sources) and AVRCP protocol streaming media control.  Signal and transmit audio to speakers of other TWS devices.  Slave speakers are speakers that can receive A2DP protocol audio from the master speaker. Compared to high-end TWS headphones, both speakers can be used as master speakers. TWS technology enables mainstream A2DP protocol audio to be transmitted from the master speaker to the slave speakers to achieve audio.  Synchronized playback in two separate speakers to achieve a stereo effect, and there is no category of cables between the two headphones. Apple is not the pioneer of this product form, but they rely on AirPods and the status of consumer boss,  Let true wireless headphones spread in the market.

Apple AirPods Bluetooth wireless headset

At the end of last year, foreign media had predicted that AirPods shipments in 2019 would double from the previous year. Now, this latest report from Strategy Analytics supports this huge growth forecast. The shipment of 60 million headsets accounts for  It accounted for 50% of the total market shipments, and its revenue accounted for 71% of the entire market.

This proportion of data is a bit like other Apple products. The proportion of shipments is not necessarily the largest (actually it is also very large), but because of the higher unit price, its revenue accounted for more.

Proportion of shipments of true wireless secondary market in 2019

Even more frightening is that Strategy Analytics believes that even if other manufacturers enter the field of TWS true wireless headphones, Apple will still be the leading manufacturer in this field in the next 5 years. According to the data of other manufacturers, Xiaomi and Samsung each occupy less than 10% of the market share  , Ranked second and third after Apple, followed by Huawei. For Chinese manufacturers who entered the field late, this achievement is already quite difficult. Strategy Analytics predicts that the growth of the AirPods and true wireless headset markets will still be  It will continue. By 2024, revenue will exceed 100 billion U.S. dollars. The new category of true wireless headsets is quickly becoming a new source of revenue for many smartphone manufacturers. In 2019 and beyond, Apple will help with Beats and AirPods.  To achieve a substantial increase in non-iPhone business revenue. Previously, research firm Asymco also published a research report that mentioned the approximate revenue scale of Apple ’s wearables, smart homes and other categories. According to their data, AirPods Wireless  The single quarter revenue of headphones has reached 4 billion U.S. dollars.  It is quite the most peak period.

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