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​What is the relationship between mobile phone heating and USB charger cable?

2020-2-17 0:02:04

Good or bad data cable usb charging cable usb3.1 data cable usb3.0 data cable What are the reasons for mobile phone charging heat?

Many times, the phones we use are hot and hot.  The main reason is that the mobile phone is overused, and it takes a long time to use the mobile phone to play games, surf the Internet, and overcharge, which can cause the mobile phone to heat up.  When it comes to mobile phone performance, there are various kinds of vomiting, most of which are Internet speed and mobile phone batteries.  When your phone is playing games, it gets hot for a long time or when you open a large software phone, or when you charge your phone with a mobile data cable, what will you do?

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What is the relationship between mobile phone heating and mobile phone data cable?

Reason one: Because we are using smartphone screens, game applications, cell phone signals, positioning, etc., it consumes a lot of power, especially for playing games for a long time, it is easy to cause the phone to heat up. Use the phone data cable when playing games  Charging the phone not only affects the battery life, but the phone is not very good.  When you charge your phone with a USB data cable, it is best to turn off all background programs. This can reduce the power consumption and speed up charging.

Reason two: It is very hot in summer. When using the mobile phone data cable to charge the mobile phone, try to choose a place with faster heat dissipation. It can be used in a place with large airflow and cold, such as an air-conditioned room, where there is a fan to avoid.  The heat source is conducive to dissipating heat when the data cable charges the mobile phone and avoids overheating of the mobile phone.

Reason three: Use the mobile phone data cable for charging. The data cable is hot. Try changing the data cable. Of course, you cannot use inferior data cables. Some small workshops or most of the mobile phone data cables that are resold are generally not guaranteed.  It is recommended to buy a regular manufacturer of professional data cable factory data cable manufacturers, the quality is safe and reliable, after-sales is guaranteed.

Reason 4: Avoid overcharging. When the phone is fully charged, it is important to develop the habit of unplugging the phone ’s data cable and charger, especially if you charge before bedtime, unplug it the next morning.  come out.  This causes the phone to heat up for a long time, which is also not conducive to the use of the battery.

Reason five: If the phone is not heating because of the phone itself, you can check the USB charger data cable. Poor quality may sometimes cause the phone to heat up when charging. It is recommended that you do not buy a particularly cheap one when buying a data cable, because  Some lower cost data cables generally use very cheap materials and are prone to problems. The conductors are also very thin, which often causes problems such as slow mobile phone charging and heat generation.


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