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​What are the types of Bluetooth headsets?

2020-5-26 0:38:56

Sinodec Industrial Co., ltd. Main products are usb cable, USB charger and bluetooth earphone headset. Nowadays, Bluetooth headsets are extremely widely used. Many friends have purchased Bluetooth headsets.  So, do you know what kind of Bluetooth headset?  How to wear a Bluetooth headset?  Let's get to know it together.

What are the types of Bluetooth headsets How to wear Bluetooth headsets, what are the types of Bluetooth headsets


Most of the mono-ear Bluetooth headsets are wireless and compact styles, which can be worn directly on the ear. The main function is to answer and hang up the call, and the volume can be adjusted. Some models of mono-ear Bluetooth headsets also have dual standby  Wheat, Liyin (also known as noise reduction, which can achieve a better quality calling environment) and other technologies.


Stereo Bluetooth headset is based on the mobile phone supports A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol, only the mobile phone supports A2DP Bluetooth

Stereo protocol, you can connect stereo Bluetooth headset to enjoy Bluetooth headset music.  Stereo Bluetooth headsets have neck-hanging, headset, clip, glasses and other styles, and the neck-hanging and clip styles are wired Bluetooth headsets. In addition to receiving and hanging up calls, you can also enjoy music directly.  The Bluetooth headset is also equipped with an LCD screen, which can not only easily see the caller number, but also display the song title lyrics and other functions.

TWS earphone

The biggest difference between TWS Bluetooth headset and traditional Bluetooth headset is the use of Multiplexlink wireless interconnection technology.  As a new concept wireless Bluetooth headset, it realizes the wireless connection between the left and right ears.  This type of headset completely abandons the way of wire connection, and the left and right earplugs can work independently, hands-free calls are under control.  When you need to transform into a two-channel stereo, turn on another earplug, and it will automatically form a two-channel stereo mode when you are close. It will not be caught by the wire when sharing music, and it is also more convenient to use.

How to wear a Bluetooth headset

Earbud Bluetooth headset

Plug it directly into your ear in a comfortable way, just like the rubber-type wired headphones we usually use. Ear-hook Bluetooth headphones

Rotate the wearing ring on the earphone, choose the right ear or right ear, or both left and right ears can be adjusted and used, and then fit the ear and hang it on the outline of the ear.

Sport Bluetooth headset

This headset is moderately heavy and can easily catch the cochlea

Headset Bluetooth headset

Many people have seen headsets, and the same is true of Bluetooth headsets. This way of wearing is to directly span the two ears. You can put the earphone handle on the top of the head or behind it for comfort.

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