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TWS bluetooth earphone

2020-5-27 0:40:35

With the development of the non-porous mobile phone trend, many smart phones tend to combine the mobile phone charging port and the headphone jack into a common interface in design and application, resulting in the inability to charge the mobile phone and listen to songs together.  Coupled with the inconvenient storage of wired headphones and the tendency of tangling and knotting, it further highlights the advantages of TWS headphones.  The continuous advancement of Bluetooth audio technology and market demand have also promoted the development of the TWS headset market.  Sinodec Industrial Co., ltd. Launched a new TWS earphone in 2020, with LED charging power display.

The TWS headset uses Bluetooth to establish a connection, and the transmission is fast and stable. It has excellent functions such as intelligent noise reduction for calls. There are many ways to use it. It can be enjoyed separately, shared, or used as two machines.  The wireless charging receiver module built into the TWS headset can be charged on a wireless charger like a mobile phone device, which realizes the "true wireless" function of wireless Bluetooth + wireless charging, and has a better user experience.

Compared with wired headphones, TWS headphones have the following advantages:

1. Abandon wired troubles, achieve a true wireless structure, and move freely;

2. A variety of usage methods and functions, sound quality, noise reduction, and call have been greatly improved;

3. Equipped with a portable box that has both charging and storage functions. It is very convenient to automatically charge when the dead headphones are placed in the box.

The convenience and diversity of TWS earphones are inseparable from the research and development and innovation of technology, and the strict control of each production link.  The small size and high integration of the TWS earphones not only bring about cost increase, but also bring certain difficulties to the test. Few test modules in the small pitch field can exert good connectivity and expressiveness, and the stability is more stable.  difference.  The high-current shrapnel microneedle module can provide a stable solution in the TWS headset test. There is a reliable response method in the small pitch field. The minimum value can reach 0.15mm.  .  The pitch value range of the high-current shrapnel microneedle module can be maintained between 0.15mm-0.4mm, the overall connection is stable, and it has a good conduction effect, which can promote the TWS headset test to be carried out steadily.

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