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Tws wireless bluetooth earphone

2020-5-27 0:53:13

First of all, from the definition point of view, the true wireless Bluetooth headset is the abbreviation of "True Wireless Stereo" in English, which means "true wireless stereo".  Intuitively, TWS earphones have no traditional physical wires.

     The TWS Bluetooth headset does not require a wired connection. The two left and right headsets form a stereo system via Bluetooth, which improves listening to songs, talking, and wearing.  True wireless Bluetooth headsets completely abandon the wire connection method, and the host can work alone, hands-free calls are under control.  True wireless can be worn by both ears.  At present, the real wireless headphones on the market are obviously better known by Apple's AirPods and Sony noise-cancelling beans; domestic wireless headphones are PaMu and Meizu's pop.

TWS headset appearance:

   wireless!  The TWS Bluetooth headset does not require a wire connection, it is a simple two headset body.  There will be no problem of the earphone cord being entangled; of course, some people worry that the wireless earphone is easy to fall off. At present, it is generally not easy to fall off because the earphone is worn in accordance with human ear engineering.  The appearance of TWS earphones benefits from the wireless characteristics, so it can achieve great convenience.

Price is the focus of many people's attention. At present, the price is not close to the people because of technology, process, brand and other reasons.  The price of Apple AirPods is RMB1000 +, and Sony's noise reduction beans are also high.  The high price of TWS earphones is also related to the cost increase due to small size and high integration.  Of course, domestic headphones are always able to push down prices unexpectedly,

TWS headset technology:

      TWS earphones have no wires to connect the left and right units, which makes their batteries and control circuits must also be built into the earphone cavity, and the increase in the volume of the cavity brings more rich functions.  In many TWS headsets, voice assistants, gesture control, active noise reduction and other relatively "technical" features are integrated.

  What are the brands that launched TWS earphones: Apple AirPods is a popular product. AirPods is not only a representative of early TWS earphones, but also one of the best TWS earphones experienced so far; followed by Sony ’s noise reduction beans, Sony ’s audio  The technology precipitation does not need to be said by Pamelo. It is obvious that the TWS headset Sony noise reduction beans cannot be circumvented; the PaMu headset is a domestic brand. Although there is still a gap in terms of brand compared to Apple Sony, it is also among TWS headsets.  Good product.

      Because there is no physical connection between the left and right units of the TWS headset, Bluetooth headsets are generally not charged through the microUSB interface.  In order to solve this problem, almost all TWS earphones are equipped with a portable box that has both charging and storage functions, and some portable boxes also integrate a mobile power supply inside.  When there is no power, just put the earphones in the box, automatically disconnect and start charging, which is very convenient and comfortable.

    It should also be noted that because of the small size of the TWS headset and the limited internal circuit scale, the TWS headset of the same generation is definitely not as good as the traditional Bluetooth headset and wired headset in terms of actual noise reduction effect and voice recognition rate.

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