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USB type-C super fast charging cable

2020-9-1 19:27:15

USB Type-C data line interface definition, decipher the secret of super fast charging

With the strong launch of USB4, the market share of USB based on the Type-C physical interface has gradually increased. From mobile phones, PCs, game consoles, tablet computers, etc., all included under the command, there is no way, Type-C interface regardless of direction, support positive and negative  Plug, it is much more convenient than Micro USB, and other expansion advantages quickly replace the Micro USB interface of Android phones.  At present, most of the high-end Android phones on the market are basically USB Type-C charging data interfaces. Let's first look at the detailed definition of the Type-C data line interface through the following figure.

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It can be seen that the full version of the Type-C data cable actually has 24 lines and a lot of functions. Many castrated versions are used in the market to reduce costs. What 16C, 19C, 21C are all based on actual customer needs.  Data line.  Let’s take a brief overview of the functions that the standard version can achieve: support positive and negative insertion regardless of direction, support faster transmission rate, can achieve fast charging and two-way charging, support data transmission, video and audio transmission and other functions.  Powerful scalability.

Although the Type-C data cable has many functions, the Type-C on the Android phone instead of the Micro USB port mainly uses the Type-C interface to support positive and negative insertion regardless of the direction, and its transmission speed has not changed. It is purely for laymen.  consumer.

Of course, there are more expansions such as: support for larger current, support for fast charge protocol.  In fact, due to personalized requirements, (the cost is low and the performance must be guaranteed is actually a kind of personalized demand), many unused functions have been reduced, and the number of cores of the Type-C data cable has been greatly reduced.  The head can be seen.  The figure below is the random Type-C data cable that comes with the phone. It can be seen that there are only 11 pins. Obviously it can only support USB 2.0 data transmission. The above icon has clearly explained that it is still 0.48Gbps (60MB/s).  ), it is purely flicking MICRO to death.

Random Type-C data cable that comes with the phone

Huawei Honor mobile phone comes with a charger voltage of 5V, current 3A.  Although the Type-C data cable that comes with it has only 11 pins, it supports 15W super fast charging, and the Type-C data cable that I bought is not complete with 16 pins.  Whether it is the data cable that comes with the phone or the Type-C data cable purchased, the other end is USB 2.0, with only four pins.

Self-purchased Type-C data cable

The random Type-C data cable that comes with the phone has only 11 pins, but it supports 15W super fast charging.  Although the data cable I bought has 16 pins, the cable is thinner than the data cable that comes with the phone, and it does not support super fast charging.  After consulting the data, it is known that the CC pins corresponding to A5 and B5 are two key pins, which have many functions, such as judging the master-slave device, communication negotiation and charging mode.  Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the CC pin to the positive electrode of the power supply. It is found that the resistance of the built-in data line that supports super fast charging is 55.7 kiloohms, and the resistance of the data line I bought is infinite (that is, no resistance is connected).

As long as your charger supports it and your mobile phone supports it, the data cable is actually very simple to achieve fast charging. We can actually change our Type-C data cable into a super fast charging data cable by ourselves, just open the Type-C end  , Just connect a 55kohm resistor between A4 and CC pin (A5). This seems to have accidentally revealed the secret of super fast charging.

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