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USB Type-C Charging and Sync cable

2020-9-16 18:50:40

The USB-C connector is similar in size to the current 5pin Micro-USB widely used in mobile phones.  Everyone must have used Micro-USB, and most of the Android smartphones you used before have this USB interface.  But the USB-C connector, the difference is that it has a double-sided insertion function, that is, you can insert it in either the front or the reverse direction.  Sinodec Industrial Co., LTD. provides customers with Micro USB2.0, USB3.0 Cable, USB3.0 Type-C cable, OTG USB-C cord, and recently also gave customers custom Audio 3.5mm cord.  Inserting the USB interface in the opposite direction caused things that could not be recognized. Now it can finally adapt to both sides, and there is no need to distinguish between directions. This is indeed a big improvement.  In this way, you pick up a USB cable and you don’t need to consider the pros and cons, you can plug it in directly.

There are 18 pins and two USB3.1 super-speed connectors.  The USB3.1 connector has 4 standard USB pins, plus 5 extra pins to provide 10GPS bandwidth transfer rate support.  If you insert it on the front, the upper pins will be used, and if you insert it on the reverse, the lower pins will be used, which is very convenient.  In addition, we can also personalize USB extension cable with screw to customers.

The size is about 8.3mm x 2.5mm, it can withstand 10,000 plugs and unplugs, the cable can withstand 3A current, the connector can withstand 5A current, it can support USB2.0 transmission rate, USB3.1 transmission rate, the first generation 5GPS,  The second generation 10GPS.  The USB-C connector also supports the new USB power output specification, which can support a maximum power load of 100 watts on a USB cable, which is sufficient to charge a laptop or other peripheral devices.

However, it is a pity that the current USB-C type plug cannot be inserted into the old USB standard socket, but it can be realized by a USB-A and USB-C conversion cable, so that it can be connected to the computer and USB-  C-interface mobile phone peripherals.  The new USB-C document also explains how to make an adapter, for example, from Micro-USB to USB-C.  As shown in the figure below, the new 18 pins still have the old USB pins, but they are in different positions.

The biggest problem at present is that there are now billions of devices that require adapters and new cables to adapt to the USB-C interface. In China, Europe, the Global Alliance for Mobile Communications Systems has agreed to use unified new mobile devices.  USB-C standard is used for charging, so on the new USB-C smart phone, you need to use a USB-C adapter, the market value will be quite large!  However, due to the differences in global economic regions, a large number of Micro conversion data interfaces will always exist!

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