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USB Type-C to 3.5mm Audio Aux Jack adapter cable

2020-9-24 16:00:10

7 types of Type-C to 3.5mm audio conversion cable disassembly summary

Nowadays, more and more mobile phones and digital products have gradually cancelled the 3.5mm audio interface. Manufacturers have instead introduced their own TWS true wireless stereo headsets or headsets with Type-C interface. The products come with Type-C to 3.5mm conversion.  There are also fewer connectors, which is not very friendly to consumers who do not accept true wireless earphones and pursue the sound quality of wired earphones.  Sinodec Industrial Co., LTD is a Chinese manufacturer that produces USB data cables, USB Charger adapter, TWS wireless bluetooth earphone. We can also customize data cables and USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Aux jack cable according to the different needs of customers.

At present, in addition to the ordinary Type-C to 3.5mm adapter, there is also an audio conversion cable with a built-in DAC professional decoding chip. Up to now, I love audio network has disassembled 7 models, respectively: Apple Apple, Google Google  , JL Jerry, Microsoft, Meizu, Moshi Moss, let’s review it together~

The following order is arranged from A-Z according to the English name of the brand. Click the subtitle to view the complete dismantling report.

1. Apple USB-C to Headphone Jack Adapter

A close-up of the USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack converter. The model number A2049 is printed on the wire. The wire material is soft and similar to EarPods wired headphones.

DAC audio decoding chip: Cirrus Logic Lingyun logic, 46L06-CWZR

Editor’s comment: The adapter cable has built-in decoding, which is equivalent to transferring the DAC in the iPad’s earphones to the Lightning head. The sound will not change compared to Apple’s previous 3.5mm straight-out; the wire solder joints are full and sealed with glue.  To prevent loosening caused by long-term use, the workmanship is excellent; not only the iPad released this time, but also the USB-C interface of other Apple computers such as iMac and MacBook can be used.

2. Google Google Pixel 2 USB-C Audio Converter

The wire adopts anti-freezing, anti-winding and anti-skid TPE.

DAC audio decoding chip: Realtek ALC4021

Editor's comment: Google's conversion line uses Realtek Realtek ALC4021 USB audio chip with Realtek Realtek ALC5663 headphone amplifier, which can provide high-quality audio decoding capabilities and good thrust.

3. Jerry USB-C to 3.5mm built-in DAC audio conversion cable

The two ends of the interface are made of aluminum alloy, and there is a woven net outside the wire.

DAC audio decoding chip: JL Jerry AC1279A

Editor's comment: Jerry AC1279A decoder chip has a built-in decoder chip, which can directly push headphones; 16bit high-precision DAC with MIC amplifier circuit.  Support USB audio call channel, support music and call functions of Android and Apple headsets.  The joint is made of aluminum alloy and has been anodic sandblasted; the wire is a nylon braided tensile process, which can increase the service life of the wire.

4. MEIZU Meizu HiFi decoding amp

One end of the USB-C plug, one of which is the logo of MEIZU and HiFi Audio; there is a transparent circular window on the back of the plug, and the built-in chips and capacitors can be seen directly.

DAC audio decoding chip: Cirrus Logic CS43131 / 46L41-CWZR two

Editor's comment: MEIZU Meizu HiFi decoding amp has two built-in audio decoding chips, 46L41-CWZR is responsible for USB audio input control and general audio decoding functions, and CS43131 is responsible for parsing high-definition audio and driving large impedance headphones.  The workmanship and design are excellent.

5. MEIZU Meizu HIFI decoding headphone amplifier PRO

The PRO version has been upgraded to a braided line, and the rest of the characteristic design has not changed.

DAC audio decoding chip: Cirrus Logic CS43131 / 46L41-CWZR two

Editor's comment: Meizu HiFi Decoding Headphone Amplifier PRO adds OPA1622 amplifier circuit to the built-in decoder to amplify the audio signal output by CS43131 again. The LM27762 charge pump provides low noise positive and negative power supply for OPA1622. This level  The addition of the amplifier circuit makes the Meizu HiFi decoding amp PRO have greater thrust, better control and dynamics, and bring a more PRO experience.

6. Microsoft Microsoft USB-C audio conversion cable

The ports on both sides are made of metal, the same color as the wire.

DAC audio decoding chip: CONEXANT CX21988-10Z

Editor's comment: The Microsoft USB-C audio conversion cable is excellent in workmanship. The cable between the two ports is flat. Both ports are made of metal shells, which are very textured; the USB Type-C terminal core also has a layer of metal fixing  The structure fully guarantees the stability of the terminals. At the same time, the front and back sides of the PCB are coated with glue to effectively protect the IC above.

7. Moshi Moshi USB-C audio adapter

The length of the cable is about 5cm, and the connection with the socket and plug is reinforced with a high elastic thick wall SR to enhance the bending resistance.

At the end of the USB Type-C plug, the words "24-bit/192kHz" are printed. 24bit refers to the quantization accuracy of the recorded sound. The larger the value, the greater the dynamic range of the audio, the more details, and the more presence.  Good; 192kHz refers to the sampling frequency, which means that 192,000 sounds are collected per second for recording. The higher the value of this number, the smoother and more realistic sounds are brought.

DAC audio decoding chip: Realtek

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