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What is a USB-C cable? What is the prospect of PD charging ?

2019-10-10 17:33:15

Many people understand the function of USB PD charging only on the fast charge standard. In fact, it can make a USB data cable in addition to charging, data transmission, audio and video transmission, firmware upgrade, private encryption, device mutual charge and so on.  Currently, Sinodec Industrial Co., ltd. can provide a variety of USB Charger cable, USB-c fast charge data cable

Then let's take a look at what is USB-C charger cable

USB-C is actually a Type-C interface. Of course, this type of interface will normally join the PD Fast Charge Protocol under normal circumstances.  The PD Fast Charge Protocol is one of the current mainstream fast charge protocols and is currently the most popular fast charge method.  The USB-C interface cable that adapts to the PD Fast Charge Protocol delivers up to 100 watts of power and is free to change the direction of power delivery.  Apple also adopted the PD Fast Charge Protocol on its new products.

USB-C business value From a technical point of view, USB-C's PD protocol leaves VDM, a custom data packet function, which allows enterprises to freely perform protocol processing, battery management, firmware upgrade, private encryption, etc., with high commercial value.

What is the role of the USB Type-C charger cable? The USB-C interface cable allows various electronic devices to meet the power supply requirements through a USB cable.  In addition to charging mobile phones and tablets, it can also quickly charge a drive device such as a notebook computer that cannot be powered by USB.  Apple's latest MacBook supports USB Type-C+USB PD for fast charging.

Fast charge standard is expected to be unified in the future Compared with the traditional transmission line, USB Type-C not only has better power and data transmission capabilities, but also has audio and video transmission capabilities. Therefore, the Type-C interface will undoubtedly monopolize the current consumer electronic transmission interface market.  At present, under the promotion of Google, USB PD has already compiled Qualcomm's QC fast charging protocol, and has received support from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, so USB-PD is expected to unify the fast charging standard.

How USB-C will change people's lives It allows you to discard the messy data lines of various connectors. You can charge most consumer electronics products with a USB Type-C USB-PD cable. Enjoy a more extreme charging method, such as: 30 minutes of full charge of IPhone X, which is much faster than the previous iphone charging. The computer and the usb device are charged to each other, and the current direction is freely changed, and is no longer just a one-way transmission. A USB-C data cable passes through all electronic devices, monitors, laptops, switches, PS4, Apple TV, etc., and device interaction is simpler.

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