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​How to use an USB OTG data cable?

2019-10-16 17:08:13

Everyone knows that many mobile devices need to use the connection data cable that comes with the mobile device itself.  The OTG cable is a data cord that can be used to exchange data between various devices or mobile devices and computers. Sinodec Industrial Co., ltd. is a USB data line manufacturer from China. We provide wholesale, production and OEM service of various USB data cable. Nowadays, many people do not understand the use of the OTG cable and the role of the OTG cord and the difference between the OTG cable and the ordinary USB data cable.

OTG technology is to achieve data transfer between devices without Host.  For example, the digital camera is directly connected to the printer, and the OTG technology is used to connect the USB port between the two devices to print the photos immediately; or the data in the digital camera can be sent to the USB hard disk through the OTG.  In the field, there is no need to carry an expensive memory card or carry a portable computer.  Through the OTG technology, the USB interface accessories can be extended to the smart terminal to enrich the functions of the intelligent terminal, such as expanding the remote control accessories, and turning the mobile phone and the tablet into a universal remote control.

Prepare the required OTG cable, phone, mouse or keyboard.

Plug the OTG cable into the phone's MicroUSB port

Plug the USB receiver of the mouse's wireless receiver or wired device into the other end of the OTG cable

After the access is successful, there will be a USB device connection prompt in the phone.

After accessing the wireless mouse, you can use the mouse to operate the phone in the phone.

After connecting the USB flash drive with the OTG cable and entering the storage device of the mobile phone, the file in the USB flash drive can be read.

The difference between OTG cable and ordinary USB cable

When the USB data cable is connected to the computer, it is powered by the computer. When the OTG data cable is connected to a USB flash drive and other devices, the mobile phone must supply power to the peripherals such as the USB flash drive. How does the mobile phone recognize the USB data cable and the OTG data cable?  After the two wires, the 4pin of the USB data cable will be left floating. The 4pin of the OTG data cable is shorted to the ground. The mobile phone chip judges whether the OTG data cable or the USB data cable is inserted through the 4th pin.  This will decide whether to turn on the OTG power supply.

The emergence of the OTG cable greatly facilitates the exchange of our daily data.  Using the OTG line between the mobile phone and the USB flash drive, the mobile phone can directly access the relevant information in the USB flash drive; using the OTG cable between the mobile phone and the mouse can directly operate the mobile phone with the mouse, which is very convenient.

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